Draw new energy from your skin care

Most of us are familiar with the challenges that lack of sleep, stressful workdays or restless nights can bring. But are you aware of how much these stress forms can affect our skin?

Even during the most turbulent periods of our lives, we should never forget the importance of taking care of our well-being and our skin. After all, our skin is far more than just the outer shell that protects us from the stress and strains of everyday life. It is our largest organ, from which much can be read about our inner well-being. Fatigue and stress are two factors that can have a lasting effect not only on our body, but also on our skin.

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Visible effects of fatigue on the skin

When you feel exhausted and drained, it often shows up on your skin in the form of signs of fatigue. Some of the possible signs of low-energy skin include:

  • sagging facial areas

  • dark eye shadows & puffiness

  • sallow, grayish complexion lacking radiance

  • dry or flaky patches

  • increased appearance of wrinkles & visible lines

Lack of sleep and stress can disrupt our hormone balance, which in turn affects the production of collagen in our skin, which is largely responsible for skin elasticity. In addition, chronic fatigue can accelerate skin ageing by promoting oxidative damage and increasing the release of free radicals. These harmful molecules can attack skin cells and cause premature wrinkling and loss of firmness and freshness.

All of these factors can indicate tired, low-energy skin. However, an effective, revitalising skin care regimen can quickly make visible improvements here.

Power boost for your skin

There are active ingredients and products that specifically address such annoying signs of fatigue and get the skin back into top shape. This is where Power Boost comes in. The skincare line was specially developed to reduce the effects of fatigue on the skin and breathe new life into it.

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Vegan active ingredients for visible results

The crucial key components of the Power Boost skin care line are plant extracts and active ingredient complexes, especially from hibiscus, blueberry and rosemary. Hibiscus extract, a true anti-ageing secret, has a high concentration of vitamin C, which protects the skin from harmful free radicals and supports an even skin tone. At the same time, hibiscus ensures a clear and radiant complexion due to the plant acids it contains. The vegan active ingredient complex Telessence Mitelion™, obtained from blueberries and rosemary leaves, has been proven to stimulate the energy production of skin cells. The active ingredient increases skin elasticity, natural radiance and gives a refreshed appearance.

More tips against tired skin

Fatigue and stress can affect not only our mental health, but also our skin. However, with a good skin care routine, we can help protect our skin from the negative effects of stress and restore its glow. Here's how else you can support your skin during stressful times:

  • Get enough sleep: make sure to get enough sleep, as it not only helps the body recover, but also the skin. Fixed sleeping times and rituals can help to stabilise your sleep rhythm.
  • Downtime & stress management: Reducing stress also protects the skin. Practices such as meditation, yoga and breathing exercises can help reduce stress and improve skin health.
  • Nutrition: A balanced diet and adequate hydration support skin regeneration and renewal. Especially during periods of stress, make sure to provide your body with the nutrients it needs.
  • Lifestyle: Not only the body and mind, but also the skin is happy about regular exercise in the fresh air and the renunciation of excessive alcohol and nicotine consumption.