Effect: firming,revitalising,antioxidant

Caffeine not only gets the circulation going, it is also an absolute multi-talent in the cosmetics sector. It has the remarkable property of stimulating blood circulation and thus optimally supplying the cells with oxygen and nutrients. In addition, caffeine transports other active ingredients faster through the cell layers of the skin, so that they can develop their effect there even better. Caffeine helps to reduce dark circles by stimulating microcirculation and enabling an improved oxygen supply to the cells. Due to the draining effect of caffeine, puffy eyes and bags under the eyes are counteracted. Inflammation is inhibited, which is why redness and blemishes can heal better. The antioxidants contained fight free radicals that damage the skin. In addition, caffeine inhibits natural skin ageing processes as well as those caused by UV radiation, resulting in a radiant and supple complexion.

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Augencreme | Ageless Beauty | lovemore by Motsi Mabuse
Augencreme | Ageless Beauty | lovemore by Motsi Mabuse
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