Motsi Mabuse

TV star, former professional dancer, mother & entrepreneur

"After years of conversations, I realized that for many women, the topic of beauty is more frustrating than relaxing. So I decided to create lovemore, a brand that is approachable and authentic, that takes you by the hand, inspires you and highlights your beauty."

About Motsi Mabuse

Founder of lovemore


"lovemore wants to encourage everyone to be confident in themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin!"

– Motsi Mabuse, Founder & Brand Ambassador

Define your Beauty.

Be feminine.

You don't have to conform to any ideal of beauty. Your experiences and your beliefs make you who you are. lovemore celebrates all facets of your femininity. We accompany you in defining your womanhood yourself.

Be vulnerable.

You stand with both feet firmly in life and still have your head in the clouds. Even if you sometimes feel vulnerable, you show courage and go your own way. You dare to step out of your comfort zone and grow beyond yourself.

Be energetic.

The world is colourful and full of life. So are you. You embrace every version of yourself. You are your own resting place and your own source of energy. lovemore accompanies you through all the ups and downs of life.